Saturday, December 11, 2010

Mr Charlie went to the Doctor a few weeks ago for his shots.  Here are this sweet little guys stats
  • Weigh on 12/01/10, 14.02 which is in the 21.01 percentile.
  • Length 25, which is the 39.86 percentile
  • Head 16.25, which is the 16.95 percentile.    
  •                                Charlie I guess your just a little guy for now, but he has 3 chins and and chubby cheeks. Loves squash, sweet potatoes, makes a yuck face eating nanas. Love you cute boy!

1 comment:

Dan, Pam and Family said...

Handsome Charlie boy is growing up so fast.
I don't get to see the little man near enough. I'm so glad he is healthy and happy.
Love you Charlie!